Monday, 29 October 2012

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 thanks to  all the followers of this blog.. the hit has passed over seven thousand three hundred.. thanks a lot.. now you can get more news and information about the Salesian Mission in Sudan and South Sudan (sounds like SMSSS) from our new website just click on the link below and follow. there is also a webmaster of that site that will keep you informed of the latest development God bless
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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

don bosc tonj music brass band in south korea

A Hisotoric moment for Don Bosco Brass Band Tonj, South Sudan; At the opening ceremony of KOAFEC (Korea Africa Economoic Cooperation) Ministerial Conference at Seoul. D.B Brass band was the centre of attention in the ceremony attended by ministers and dignitaries from over fifty (50) countries of Africa. Among the dignitaries present were also President of the World Bank and the President of the African Development Bank... South Sudan (ROSS) Minister of Finance and Minister of Information were also present and they were extremely happy with the performance of our boys and girls.. Don Bosco Oyeeeeeeeeeeee.... South Sudan Oyeeeee... Thanks to one and all for your prayers..


Sunday, 14 October 2012

tonj band from south sudan on tour of south korea

it is a dream come true for these young youth from salesian mission secondary and primary school of tonj south sudan to finally make it to south korea after 3 previous attempts in the last 8 years. The late fr lee who founded the group would be happy to see from his grave that after his death the band still continues  with new members and under different leadership keeping the flag flying in the same one salesian charism.
The band was also invited to perform during the historic independence day celebrations of South Sudan in 2011 at the national stadium in Juba (capital of South Sudan) and though they were not able to make it, this trip would be very memorable to each and every one of them and their families back home in South Sudan and definitely, the already sensational image of the late fr John Lee with the South Korean national  Media would be having some spectacular highlights in the coming days. There are 3 different brass bands in 3 different communities founded by different saleisans in the sudan delegation in Khartoum, El obeid and Tonj. The group of El Obeid got invited to London a few years ago but could not make the trip but right now, there is a joyful moment for the the band group of Tonj which the other 2 bands can share in. Congratulations!!

the additional information below is sent in by fr Shyjan who Led the group with another Rev sister from Tonj

  With the mother of Fr. Lee Taesouk and his brother Lee tae Young, A Capuchin priest

 Getting ready for the first concert in South Korea for the family of Fr. John Lee

Fr. Shyjan with Dr. Benjamin Marial, Minister of information and government spokesman Republic of South Sudan

 Don Bosco Brass Band getting ready to go the Salesian cemetry of Gwangju where Fr. Lee is buried. This picture is taken at the KTR (High speed train) station near seoul.
 final prayer at the tomb of Fr. John Lee

 Dr. Benjamin Marial (Minister of Information and Boradcasting ROSS) offering the lighted candle at the start of the Mass at the tomb of Fr. John Lee

 D.B Brass band in a procession to the tomb of Fr. John Lee for the Celebration of the Mass
don bosco tonj Brass band members at the tomb to touch their father and friend for the last time.

thanks fr shyjan for the pix